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How to Use TrimLink's free URL shortener

URL shortening is nothing new, it was originally made popular due to the 140 character limit of Twitter and the 160 character limit of SMS messages. Shortening a URL with TrimLink is easy! Here's how to Trim a URL:
1) Copy the URL into the box above
2) Click Trim
3) Click copy URL and then paste it on Social Media or in SMS messages as required.

Why did we create TrimLink?

Trimlink was created to return the simplicity to URL shortening. Modern URL shorteners have become over complicated, not everyone wants detailed analytics and extra features. If you just want to Trim a URL you have come to the right place!

What are the benefits of using TrimLink?

URL Shorteners promote sharing, you can fit more links and content into less space using TrimLink. A tweet or a SMS message can only hold 140-160 Characters, this is enough to share a link and describe it with Trimlink while a full length URL will likely not come with an explanation.